Capital One iPad 2.0

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A redesign of Capital One's first iPad app design and developed natively to emphasize the iPad's unique hardware features.

Taking the Lead

The Capital One Mobile team now had 4 handheld releases and a release of an iPad app behind them. The team was maturing and I had joined at the perfect time to be a contribute to the next chapter! I had earned the title of Lead Designer of iPad and now had the responsibility of redesigning the app for 2x. I had also been collaborating on a new design language. This system would help Capital One create a consistent user experience no matter how our customers chose to bank with us.

Creating iPad 2x within a design language was a liberating experience. It guided many aspects of the user experience, giving me the freedom to emphasize the unique features of the iPad.

Project Roles & Responsibilities

UX/UI Design

Information Architecture

User Testing


Design Thinking

Product Strategy

Product Management

The Customer View of the iPad 2x App

Finnaly, we were able to show all accounts on the same screen. The Customer View gave a quick glance, answering the question “Am I OK?”.

A Visual Experience for Finances

As with the first version of the iPad app, screen size was my Super Power! Every banking app has a ledger view of transactions. Row after row of Descriptions and Amounts. It was a usable experience, but it really didn’t take advantage of the iPad’s advantage. I wanted to create a visual transaction experience. Combining our ability to display company logos for transactions with a little outside inspiration and some white board time and the Tile View came to life!

The Tile View is a way for our customers to view their transactions from a different angle. While reviewing transactions, the customer starts to see visual patterns. The Starbucks logo that peppers last month’s worth of transactions might be a trend (good or bad). It was a perfect marriage of technology and design!

The Tile View on iPad 2x

A visual way to experience your transactions and see spending habits and trends.

Ending on a High Note

After iPad 2x was released, it continued where it’s predecessor left off. It quickly rose to a 4+ review on the App Store with thousands of reviews and was a customer favorite. It still holds the highest NPS score in the company and in 2016, it was a Webby Honoree for Financial Apps.

As 2016 drew to a close, the decision was made to merge the iPhone and iPad apps into one Uniersal app to better serve our customers. I changed my title from iPad Designer to iOS Designer and the next, exciting chapter began!

The Venture Card Product View

A familiar site. From the Customer View, a customer was able to drill down into their spending.