Reveille Website

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A website for a local school providing resources for prospective and current parents.

Getting Back to It

When my wife began her career as the new Director of a local preschool, it changed every aspect of our lives. Childcare, education, community all came with the new role. However, all I could focus on was getting my hands on the website.

Afterall, I started my career as a web designer and I loved dabbling in code and learning new tools. I didn’t get many opportunities to write HTML and CSS anymore, let alone use the fun toys like Bootstrap and Sass (this was 2014, remember). I jumped at the chance to get back to my roots and explore everything the Open Source community had to offer!

Project Roles & Responsibilities

UI/UX Design

Information Architecture

CMS Implementation

Front-end Development

The Reveille Website on a laptop and iPhone

Meeting with Reveille parents, it was obvious that this site would have to be mobile optimized.

Spare Time Web Design

When began the redesign of the Reveille Weekday School website, I had plenty of runway to do this my way, which meant doing it right. I began with a content audit of the site. I needed an understanding of what content was there and that everything ended up in a better, more findable place after the redesign.

Using a design framework was something I had never done before. It was less of a choice about speeding up development and more of a tool to explore. In addition, choosing the Foundation framework gave me the chance to use the Sass Preprocessor, design completely in the browser and work Mobile First!

The final stage to this redesign happened several months after the launch. In order to give the client the freedom to keep the site current from school year to school year I implemented the CMS Perch.

This was an amazingly rewarding experience for me and for the school. Feedback from faculty and parents has been overwhelmingly positive and the daily metrics continue to rise. I was able to explore new tools, bring skills I learned and use in my career today, while getting back to a craft that I love.

Reveille Website Homepage

The Reveille logo was just redesigned. So, why not a brand new website with all of the toys?

The information page for prospective parents

Making different types of data and files accessible to parents from all walks of life was the priority.