Venture Card Design

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Capital One's first feature credit card.

A Different Kind of Design

The Venture product was created over emails and phone calls while most Capital One employees (including me) were with their families for the Winter holidays. After returning to work, I was invited to the office of our department’s Director. We had worked together before and he had decided that I would design the card for the company’s first feature credit card.

At this point in my career, I had predominantly been a web designer. I certainly had never done plastic design before. However, I had a graphic design background. And what I lacked in experience, I would certainly make up for in willingness to learn… and sheer quantity of ideas!

I approached the Venture card design by starting with as many ideas as possible. Gathering feedback from stakeholders to narrow down and focus, then iterating on that concept. Wake up and repeat (today we call that Design Thinking). I created hundreds of iterations over the course of a few weeks. I turned in the final design in February and dove straight into creating marketing assets with design teams around the company.

Project Roles & Responsibilities

Graphic Design

Industrial Design

Print Design

The final card design

The final card design without any of that pesky embossing.

My Design, Hot Off the Presses

In May, I traveled to the suburbs outside of Chicago where I finally got to see my design come to life as a physical card that would one day be in our customers’ wallets. I made design choices on the floor as variations of the Venture card came off of the presses. I learned a great deal about the process of printing plastics as well as the security involved. Contributing to such a vital part of our company’s history has been a milestone in my career and a great story to tell!

A lot of iteration

Iteration on top of iteration.

Detail of site diagram

Making design choices on the floor as thousands of my design are about to roll.